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Side A
Side B
1. Hell of a High
2. Falling Down
3. You Belong to Me
4. Takin’ it Easy
5. Strapped
6. Mud Horse
7. String Me Up
8. Sunshine Never Ends
9. Turned Around
10. Dead trees Come Alive
11. Almost Alive

Stevie DeAcutis – “This is my new favorite band.”

Jon Robbins, culture critic – “Manic in Lithium blends a healthy dose of metal with touches of blues and bluegrass, bound by a rocking undercurrent.”

Raymond McGlamery, former head of Rock at Warner Bros. – “If Alice in Chains and Aerosmith had a love child in 2016, you’d get Manic in Lithium.”

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The music of Manic in Lithium quickly captures the attention of fans and draws them into a deeper journey with each track. The music spans from hard hitting rock to wild psychedelic trips to devastatingly beautiful ballads and has been compared to Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, and Stone Temple Pilots. Listen, and experience the propulsive rhythms and heartfelt lyrics in these recordings!

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